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Bobrisky Enlighten Ladies On What True Love Is All About



Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju simply known as Bobrisky has taken to social media to enlighten his fans on what love is about..

In a post contained on his, Snapchat Bobrisky bemoaned how a lot of girls go so broke in the name of a relationship and she wondered what they are doing in the relationship when the man is not spoiling you although he admits that all hands are not equal.

According to him, if a lady thinks a guy taking her to a club and giving her 500k after fvcking her is spoiling her then she is stupid. She also added that if a lady thinks a guy traveling with you to Dubai to sleep with you is spoiling you then you need a slap from her.

He claimed that he bought his first house 5 years ago and when he told his ex-sugar daddy to help him buy it after requesting for 40million naira but his ex-sugar daddy supported him with 45million naira instead and that is what he terms as love..

Reacting to her post on Instagram;

@onlyonefolamorgan wrote; “Supported u with 40m and then give you 45m instead of 40million?😏 Who’s ur Igbo dealer??”

@tony.frank wrote; “What you see as true love might be different from other people’s view .. stick to what works for you and stop pressuring others …”

@layor31 wrote; “Eleribu alakoba, leave us with d 500k boyfriend, if he easy u won’t change ur sexuality….. No be because of billing u change to woman???

@candyese wrote; “I nor understand…he supported me with 40million and gave me 45 million😂😂”

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