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Self proclaimed Prophet of God shows off how paradise looks like to his congregation (Photos)



Self proclaimed Prophet of God shows off how paradise looks like to his congregation.

Most of us we are not new to this particular character, pastor Daniel Lesego. The founder of Rabboni Centre in Pretoria. Some people call him, the grass pastor, some they call him the snake pastor.

He is got different kind of names for doing funny stuff in the front of his congregation. I don’t know the kind of power that this pastor have, that he can pray for his congregants and command them to go and eat grass, they will run and do that without asking questions. They will actually tell you that the grass tested like chocolate, that’s how powerful are the strange powers he has..

The other time he was preaching holding a snake on the pulpit, the suit that he was wearing was matching the colours of the skin of that snake. He also have a spiritual son, Paniel Mnguni, who was giving people snakes to eat and the people would say it doesn’t taste like a snake at all. They say it is actually nice.

I don’t know what level of hypnotisation that they have over the people. Wherever they have taken those powers from, or wherever they have learned to do the things that they are doing, whoever trained them is a professional witch.

This guy is very controversial, also last time when I checked, he did not have a wife. How would you trust a single pastor of his age with your wives? How would you trust a single pastor of his age with your daughters? There is nothing like he has self-control, or Jesus told him not to marry, because even most faithful pastors that we know, they were tempted in one or two sexual issues. What about the person of his controversial status?

So now he’s sleeping on a bed, saying he is showing his congregants how paradise look like, how heaven look like, but we know that these guy is always a comedian. They are very innovative on bringing controversy to the people. They are very innovative on destroying the integrity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. One thing I know is that, their time is almost up, there will come a time where God will wipe them on the face of the Earth, because the Lord want His church back.

The lord wants to raise Shepherds after his own heart. People that will look for his sheep, people that fears him, that have the interest of the gospel integrity at heart. This the Lord is going to do without fail. See him, he is demonstrating Paradise sleeping on that bed.

A lot of comments have responded to that with so much anger and confusion, asking themselves is this really necessary? Instead of the pastor buy some innovative things that will empower people for Christ, he will go and buy a bed and flowers, saying wants to show them how paradise look like, and then what? Did he have a vision of paradise? Was he ever taken to Paradise? This is a joke, making a joke of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, but God will fight for himself.

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