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PHOTOS: See Boy who lived in Jungle for 41 years, Didn’t know women existed



Ho Van Lang’s father fled with his son after his wife and two of his other children died during the Vietnam war 1972. He fled away from civilization with his son into the Vietnam jungle.

The story of Ho Van Lang a throwback and real-life story of a Vietnamese boy who was raised in a jungle located in Vietnam.

If you are familiar or have watched the movie ‘Tarzan’ then you get a vivid picture of what this story looks like.

Ho Van Lang who lived with in the jungle with his father had no idea women existed or what s*ex was. How Van lang spent half his life in isolation in the deep forest of the Tay Tara district in Quang Ngai province after fleeing the Vietnam war with his father.

His father Ho Van Thansh fled into the jungle with son after a US bomber killed his wife and two of his other children during the Vietnam war in 1972.

Ho Van Thansh and his son lived in the wilderness entirely depending on wild honey, mushroom, wild fruits, nuts and forest creatures to survive.

They constructed there Shelter on trees which almost shared similarities with bird’s nest. However, they were ‘rescued’ in 2013 from there isolated life and brought a local village were women also live. There they have been adapting to there new life.

Managing director of a popular getaway and excursion company Alavero Cezero met the family and said “they always escaped when they saw people from a distance. As Lang’s father still have a phobia of returning to his jungle home, as he did not believe that the civil war is over.”

Despite being able to distinguish between men and women Ho Van Lang, still doesn’t know the essential difference between them, as a matter of fact he has never felt se*x*ual urge or desire and his reproductive instinct have never shown its head any of this facet.

Apparently, Ho Van Lang’s Dad never told him of se*x*uality.

Alavero Cezero, also said “when I was with him in the jungle, I saw him eat bats as though they were Olives.he used the heads of the rats.”

From materials they found in the forest they always keep the fire lite and made tools, cutlery, and cooking utensils. Life was going well for lang until his father’s health began to deteriorate. Lang spent his life in anxiety after his father health worsened, he will stay up late to check on his father should in case he dies while asleep.

Lang doesn’t know many basic social concept, when asked to beat someone he will do that severely, he doesn’t know the difference between good and bad. Lang is just a child. He doesn’t know anything.

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