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Let’s Use Wizkid, Davido And Burna To Market Nigeria To The World – Reno Omokri Urges The FG



Reno shared a photo from Heathrow airport, London where he saw agiant mural of British actor John Boyega being used to advertise the nation.

Reno Omokri has urged the Nigerian government to make good use of their artistes and use them to brand the country to make it attractive to the foreign world..

Reno shared a photo from Heathrow airport, London where he saw agiant mural of British actor John Boyega being used to advertise the nation.

He called on the Nigerian government to do the same and ride on the name of top artistes like Wizkid, Davido, and Burna boy to put Nigerian on the map in the global perspective and bring some revenue into the country.

He wrote: One of our greatest national miscalculation was not using Fela to market Nigeria the way Jamaica used Bob Marley to market their country. Fela was our greatest artiste ever, bar none. Sadly, he is gone. Now, we have Wizkid, Davido and Burna. Look at this photo at Heathrow. The UK is using John Boyega to sell Britain, since Nigeria refused to use him to sell Nigeria. Let us not repeat bad history and lie that history repeated itself. Let’s use these national assets. It will help us and it will benefit them. The more we promote them, the more their positive image rubs off on Nigeria, and the more they are promoted, the bigger they will get..

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See reactions:

official_mjjjj: The religious and tribalism here won’t allow😒😒😒

martmos_o1: Nigeria leaders are too dorsal to figure this out, they interested in looking for cattle routes

legendary_e.e: Nigeria is not one and can never be. There’s no spirit of nationhood, no common denominator, not sharing the same value system etc. The garbage multiculturalism doesn’t describe Nigeria. A nation must be built on unison value system, religion etc before she can provide a template that will embrace multiculturalism, diversity(welcoming others)etc. Check all the nations with diversity, multiculturalism etc and you will see that a particular value system, religion etc are sacrosanct before others were allowed to join the primacy. Nigeria is not a nation. All the ethnicities forced into the British contraption are competing. Sincere ignorance and political correctness won’t help Nigeria. People must admit these facts!!!!

andre18: During ur tenure did you people use any artist ?

ugc75060: You talk like say your time for government which person face your govt use as goodluck PA why not give him this advice come Nigeria Buhari dey wait for you drop rubbish advice for IG come Nigeria

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