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Lady Advises Women To Never Post Their Boyfriends On WhatsApp; This Is Why (Video)



A lady on social media has advised her fellow women never to flaunt their relationships on their WhatsApp status because they are indirectly giving out information about their personal life to others in their contact list..

According to the lady, it will be advisable for ladies to keep their relationships off social media because each time they break up and end up in another relationship, it will be easy for others to know because they are already selling their personal life issues to their folks on WhatsApp.

She recounted that she has a female friend who has dated three different guys in just two years. She wouldn’t have known if the lady did not continuously flaunt every relationship she enters on her social media.

She, therefore, advised ladies to keep their relationships private from their social media pages just not to attract unnecessary attention and drive genuine friends away.

Watch the video below: