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Facebook Post Reunites Mother And Son After 70 Years Apart



The man was initially staying with his uncle before he eventually lost connection with his family..

A mother and her son have been reunited after being apart for 70 years.

The reunion was made possible after a Facebook post.

A Bangladeshi man identified as Abdul Kuddus Munsi is said to have been taken away from his mother who is now in her 100s since he was about ten years of age.

Munsi was initially staying with his uncle before he eventually lost connection with his family after running away and being adopted by two sisters.

Thanks to the largely used social media platform, Munsi was able to again see his very old mother. “This is the happiest day of my life,” Munsi said while speaking in an interview with reporters in Brahmanbaria, the eastern border district where he was born in 1939.

A businessman is said to have posted a video of the 82-year-old man on Facebook recently, appealing for help finding his biological parents.

All Munsi could remember about his childhood was the name of his parents and his village. Fortunate for him, a distant relative in the village spotted the post and informed Munsi that his mother, Mongola Nessa, is still alive.

Curious Munsi joyfully abandoned his dealings and travelled about 350 kilometres (220 miles) from the western city of Rajshahi, to end the decades of estrangement, it was learnt.

The father to three grown-up sons and five daughters finally got to meet his mother over the weekend.

Though she is very old now, Nessa was able to identify her long ‘missing’ child by a tear-mark on his hand, as well as his sister.

Reacting to their reunion, Munsi said: “My mother is very old and she can’t speak properly,”

He added: “She was crying after seeing me and holding my hands. I told her that your son is back and you don’t have to worry about anything from now.

“They held each other’s hands and cried for a long time as they were reunited,” Munsi’s s nephew Shafiqul Islam told AFP.

“Hundreds of villagers who came to see this remarkable scene also have tears in their eyes.”

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