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#BBNaija: Nini Blasts Saga After Returning To BBN House, Claiming He Was Busy Doing This



Nini’ s unexpected disappearance from the BBNaija house, which she did without informing any of her fellow housemates, has some of the contestants worried about her whereabout..

Nini returned to the BBNaija house in the early hours of Thursday after completing the secret task Biggie had assigned to her. Most of the housemates were caught off guard when she returned. She briefed them about their activities while she was away, which surprised some of the housemates and led to some of them labeling her a fake housemate.

She revealed the number of times Saga ate, as well as the kind of meals he ate and the ingredients he used to prepare them. Nini, on the other hand, blasts Saga for claiming to miss her while he was inside eating noodles with curry and thyme. She went on to say that she had seen him eat ” Pap, , And Moi Moi” in the morning as well.

Meanwhile, the housemates are surprised about why they couldn’t find Nini, and wonder if the house has a secret door or if Nini is a fake housemate. Recall that Saga was moody on Wednesday when he couldn’t find his love interest Nini in the BBNaija house, and Now Nini is claiming that if he missed her so much he would have been able to eat.

Nini came out 24 hours after her disappearance from the Big Brother house. She sarcastically criticize some of the housemates of not putting in enough effort in looking for her.

She accused Whitemoney of not reacting when she went missing in the house, insinuating that he simply followed the housemates to search for her so he wouldn’ t appear to be a bad guy. When Whitemoney heard this, he responded by saying, he didn’ t flinch or feel it necessary to look for her because he knew she wasn’ t in the house.

Nini Revealed The Housemate That Look For Her Throughout The Night

Nini revealed the housemates that stayed up all night looking for her as she tried to confuse the housemates and escape their probing questions. Nini stated that she was in the house with them but they couldn’ t see her, and that only a handful of the other housemates were concerned about her disappearance.

She made it clear that Liquorose, Emmanuel, and Cross were the only ones that stayed up all night looking for her. Nini disclosed to the housemates that she watched Cross, Liquorose, and Emmanuel searching for her late at night when the others were fast asleep, and it shows that they truly care for her.

What Saga Said After Nini Returned To The House

Saga who has been depressed throughout on Wednesday because he couldn’ t bear not seeing Nini for a day, was informed by Pere that he saw Nini sneak into the house. Saga, who was excited to meet Nini, rushed to the room and found her on the bed

He then joined her in bed, by asking her about where she had gone to. He also stated that it was very difficult for him not being with her for a day, He noted that it was his worst nightmare that he couldn’ t see her despite the fact that she was present.

Saga said this after Nini convinced him that she had been in the house throughout, but they didn’ t search well for her as she narrated everything they had done, convincing him that she had been in the house.

After Saga sees Nini at the room, his smiles, confirmed that he has completely fallen in love with her. Although, Nini has repeatedly signifies that she has a lover outside the house.

Recall that Saga was given a similar secrets task few weeks earlier, but he ended up exposing the secret task to Nini because he doesn’ t want to hurt her. It seems he’ s more concerned about her than the game. However, Nini is doing the same thing to Saga, of which, she is even lying to him about being in the house, when she was clearly in a secret room.

Meanwhile, Whitemoney stated during a conversation with Queen on Thursday that Saga has lost focus because of a woman, and that he’ s not longer focused on the game.

Take a Look At The Reactions Of Viewers Below!

Ay_ebs Said: ” Nobody Should Come and Write He Is In love Rubbish here, See The Way He’ s so excited seeing another housemate, a competitor for that matter. he has forgotten completely that it’ s a game and he’ s in a competition. and so if Nini was evicted earlier what would he have done? your existence is for another housemate, someone girlfriend? ”

don_henry2 Said: ” I Swear if this guy get evicted before the girl, he might fight Ebuka! 😂”

Gbemie_o Said: Saga Has So Much Love To Give This Girl. My Problem Is That it Is An Unrequited love. Nini isn’ t reciprocating, he should just open his eyes and see it. ”

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