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White woman who went viral after she was filmed trying to stop black boy from using community swimming pool charged with child assault



A white woman has been charged with assaulting a black child in an attempt to block him from the community pool, the mom of her alleged victim claimed.

Heather J Brown revealed news of the charges five weeks after she was filmed getting caught up in the altercation with the unidentified woman..

In a video filmed by a bystander on July 6 before being posted on Brown’s TikTok, she can be heard yelling: ‘He was here yesterday, ma’am, you know who I am.’

The woman can be heard asking the mother a question before the the gate opens and she appears to grab the boy as he tries to get past her.

White woman tries to stop black boy from using community pool

Brown can be heard yelling, ‘Don’t you put your hands on my son! Don’t you ever, ever put your hands on my son!’ before threatening the woman to call the police for putting her hands on her son. 

She later can be heard saying, ‘Get out of my face, lady! And she’s going to jail because she just put her hands on my son.’ 

Brown later followed up with an update video, telling her viewers that the woman had been charged a misdemeanor with assault on a child under 12.

She also recalled how the woman reportedly attempted to tell police that she was attacked by Brown and that the officer believed her ‘based on just the way we look.’

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Brown said the woman had let in two white children before telling hers to wait outside.  

They went to court on July 30, where the woman had asked for a public defender, which continued court to August 20.  

The woman Brown said was charged has not been named. It is unclear where the video was shot, and what happened after the altercation at the gate to the pool. 

The video was originally posted to TikTok by his mother Heather J Brown before it was taken down for ‘violating community guidelines.’ She has since reposted the video and it has reached almost five million views on the platform. 

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