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Relationship Expert with no degree – Nigerians blasts Mallam Figo after he advised Men to do this



Nigerian entertainment executive, Mallam Figo has taken to social media to give what seems as a reality check that pertains to marriage..

Mallam Figo holds the view that the older one gets, the harder it becomes for such a person to find true love, so he advised men to endeavor to marry early in order to avoid such issues in their lives.

However, a lot of social media users disagree with his thoughts and alluded that true love does not have an age bracket.

See his post below;.

See some reactions below;

E get age wey you go reach sef you no go find true love again. U just wan marry 😹😹😹

There is no true love in Nigeria and the whole of Africa 😂😂 since 2010 ! Dis new generation just want to flirt , enjoy and fuck 😂😂 ! Nothing dem Dey think abt ! 😂😂 ! Yeye generation 😂😂

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the world is evolving into science and tech and we stuck on private part talk😂😂😂 Jesus in my next life position me in a different continent

Lies!! True love has no age bracket..Aboki no rush people enter gutter..dear young Men, take your time & find who’s right for you,Never make the available desirable..Marriage is not something you rush into..

Better to marry late than marry the wrong person no rush person with your quote Abeg

Says a Relationship Expert with no degree. Mtchewwwww. Don’t mind him oh! You can find LOVE at any age with the help of Jesus!

True Love is Everywhere.. It not hard to find just that you mean will see Rope mango but prefer to go eat bitter leaf.. Then regret the taste..


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