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Zugacoin surges to a fresh record, hits $87,000 against Bitcoin $41,000



ZUGACOIN, the first Cryptocurrency in Africa surpassing every crypto records, taking the lead in the global market of Cryptocurrencies..

The top trending currency founded by Professor Archbishop Sam Zuga AKA Jehovah’s Field Marshall is trading at the value of 87,000 dollars against Bitcoin 41,000 dollars in the recent development in the world of Cryptocurrency.

Africans are advised to take advantage of ZUGACOIN for their Financial freedom especially as it is also on binance network SZCB and has been listed on 10 different Exchange including VinDAX and Pancakeswap.

ZUGACOIN which is barely a year old is currently on 3 different Blockchains, Ethereum, Binance and Samzuga Blockchain

This is also coming after the first Blockchain Main Net in Africa was successfully Launched by the philanthropic cleric.

Samzugacoin Blockchain Mainnetwork And Zugacoin (Zugascan) Explorer, is the first Blockchain Network created from Africa by an African and for Africa tech space.

Archbishop Sam Zuga who was recently honored as the First Professor of Digital Economy in the world is aimed at providing ways to help every willing average Nigerian to fight poverty and earn a better living.

According to the cleric, the poverty in Nigeria and Africa is artificial and God has given him the ability to alleviate the citizens out of its shackles, ‘if possible, eradicate it, if the poor people are willing and obedient to the process,” he clearly stated.

Explaining further how he intends to see his mission and vision accomplished, Sam Zuga stated that with ZUGACOIN every willing Nigerian and African should be able to begin their journey into financial freedom.

He also promises to teach Nigerians how to grow the money through digital economy principles.

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