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We’ve passed PIB, electoral law, only God can change them – Abdullahi Adamu



Ex-Governor Abdullahi Adamu of Nasarawa says nobody but God can change the National Assembly’s decisions on the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) and the electronic transmission of election results..

Mr Adamu is an APC senator representing Nasarawa West Senatorial District.

On July 15, 52 APC senators voted against the e-transmission of election results, including Mr Adamu, granting the powers to the NCC and the federal parliament while 28 PDP senators voted for it. A total of 28 senators were absent during the voting process.

On July 16, the House of Representatives passed the PIB, allocating three per cent, against 10 per cent demanded by the host communities and also the initial five per cent agreed to by the House of Representatives.

“The Senate has already passed the law there is nothing the opposition can do,” Mr Adamu insisted. “This issue was brought to the senate, we had enough discussion on it, to the extent that we had to go to the last resort that is to divide the house and we did.”

According to him, it was a case of the majority having their way, claiming that “it has already become a law, nobody can turn it down except God our creator.”

“All these things they are doing is just to show their party men that they did not just give up just like that. We call it deceit which is a very bad politics,” said the APC senator.

He claimed that the division in the Senate was inherited and confident that PDP could not win even in court because the national assembly made the final verdict on both matters.

Mr Adamu explained, “That is what we inherited, and let me tell there is no way they will make this noise because they have already lied to their supporters so all this are shameless noise, is like they will come and use force on us, not even talking with cordiality, bring your reasons, convincing words that change your fellow mind who have equal right with you and we are done with this nothing else can be done.”

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