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Tochi Sets The Internet Ablaze After Revealing The Car Most Actresses Show Off Is Just N450



BBNaija reality show star Tochi has set the internet ablaze after revealing that a particular car most actresses post online that they’ve bought a new car is just N450..

Off late, most of these actresses posts cars on social media showing off that they have bought themselves a new car making it appear as if those who don’t buy cars or show off aren’t hardworking as they are.

Tochi reacting to that shared a photo of the car most actresses post online saying the exact color he posted cost only N450 in Lagos which means the car is very cheap and that is why most actresses are able to purchase it.

Some netizens reacting to Tochi’s post didn’t want to believe him that the car cost just N450 hence asking him to send his account details so they send him the money to buy one for them to verify if indeed it’s cheap as he claims.

Other bluntly called Tochi a liar because selling such a car for N450 means you the seller are running at a loss as there’s no profit to be gained from it and moreover second-hand cars even cost more than N450.

If Tochi’s claims of the car being as cheap as N450 is true, then it explains why most actresses are able to purchase it but if it cost more than that then those questioning their source of income are right to ask since their job can’t afford that.

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