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This Man Did Not Sit on Air For Hours, See the Trick he Did That Made People Believed He Sat On Air



Let me open you eyes a little about magic.

When it comes to magic, they say the more you look, the less you see. Yes o. Guys, If you are the type that’s quick to swallow anything you are dished, then that’s very bad because these magicians will drag you down a part were they will use their cunning ways to trick you into giving them all your money and valuables..


For the critical thinkers, magic is nothing short of science. The other day, I showed you the trick a man did to make people believed that he walked on air. Today, I am going to reveal to you the trick this other magician did to make people believe that he sat on air for hours. But wait o, what’s with these magicians and air display?

Anyways, I saw a video today of how this magicians was bamboozling interested spectators and making them believe that he was sitting comfortably on air for hours. Is that even possible?

See screenshots of the video below:.

If you look closely you will see how stunned the onlookers were as they watched the unbelievable event unfold before their very eyes. Two guys had to go and verify if the man was indeed sitting on air or on a transparent object.

But guess what? This man appeared to actually be sitting on thin air. Many were so impressed by his rare display of magical skills they started dropping money on his basket.

Now, here comes the truth. At first glance, you would be drawn into believing that he sat on air, but in all honesty, it’s impossible for human beings to suspend themselves on thin air. All this wise magician did, was to get himself a seat he could hide inside his baggy trousers, away from the eyes of unsuspecting onlookers.

This adjustable seat, is worn on one leg and the shoe of the leg wearing the seat is hinged on a solid material attached to the floor. It’s this material that holds the weight of the wearer when he sits or maneuvers.

In the video, a man was shown building similar adjustable seat and and revealing how it works.

After seeing this video, go back to the other video of our magician. The striking thing you will notice is that, one he did not at any time move his right leg which obviously was wearing the ‘leg seat.’ Secondly, he had a piece of rug on the floor which he used to cover the metal plate the right foot was hinged on.

This my friends, is how the magician comfortably sat on a hidden seat and made his onlookers believed he was doing wonders.

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