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Some Friends Are Beans – Tonto Dikeh Says As She Shares A Message She Got From A Friend



Actress Tonto Dikeh after sharing a meme a friend sent to her has concluded that some friends are beans as she seems not to understand why a friend will send her that..

The meme advises that you should spend your money when you realize that it isn’t enough to solve your problems so that you don’t end up adding a stomach ulcer to your problems when you can solve that one with the money you already have.

And according to Tonto Dikeh, her friend sent it to her because she has been saving money for something and for that reason refused to give that friend an amount asked therefore the friend is advising her to stop saving and spend the money she has so she doesn’t add ulcer to her problems.

The friend of Tonto Dikeh who seems to be so thoughtful just decided to let her know that being stingy just because she’s saving to buy a property from her because she might end up adding stomach ulcer to her problems since her money isn’t enough to buy the property right now..

The meme advises against starving yourself just to solve a problem and not being stingy and controlling your use of money since there’s a difference between them, Tonto Dikeh is free to be stingy and control her use of money but then have to make sure she doesn’t starve herself in the process.

Screenshot below;

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