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My Friend Turned Into Snake And Was Killed By His Mom For Disobeying Spiritualist – Yahoo Boy Narrates



A young Ghanaian man who refers to himself as a ‘game boy’ also known as ‘yahoo boy’ has revealed that his friend died because of his stubbornness and disobedience to rules..

The man named Samson told DJ Nyaami in an interview on SVTV Africa that he lost some of his friends due to their refusal to do what their spiritualist told them whilst engaging in their fraudulent activities.

According to Samson in a report by, a friend of his turned into a snake and got killed by her mother who didn’t know the snake she killed was her son and he added that though their spiritualist helps them to make money, they are cautioned not to be greedy.

He said;

”You must not continue taking from one client for too long. After you get the money, move on to another person. The spiritualist will give you two or three months to make money from a client.

”So you need to set a target and make that money before the time is up. If you continue with the client, trouble,”

Every game boy in Taifa, Mile 7 knows Makaveli. Dog sperm turned into a snake, and his mother killed him, but she didn’t know. Taifa boys know this,” he claimed.

”I can mention some popular musicians who are in this game; our clients send the money through their accounts, and they take 20 per cent. That is what they spend on flashy cars,” he averred.

”We use Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) accounts, and churches are under NGO and are in this game with us. I don’t want to mention names, but they are well-known pastors. Calculate 20 per cent of 4 million dollars,’‘

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