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Man Quits Relationship After He Realised His Woman Is Far Richer Than Him (Read)



A man has told the internet community about how he abandoned his relationship boat when he came to the realization that his potential wife is richer than he has envisaged..

Identified on Twitter as Daniel Black, the man said he was forced to ‘retreat’ after he saw the huge balance in the lady’s bank account when they went to the restaurant recently. Daniel said while they were dining, the lady excused herself to use the washroom and left her phone behind.

That was the moment she had an alert confirming she has N12m (approximately ₵173,000) in her account, an outrageous amount that scared the hell out of the guy making him pull the plugs out immediately.

In his words: “Went on a date with a lady last week. So she left her phone with me to use the restroom, and somehow I saw her account balance. Na 12 million I see for her account balance, 12 good million.

I just told myself, this relationship no fit work, she pass me. Sapa did me bad.”

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