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I Cautioned Nigerians In 2015 About This Evil Buhari Govt – Bishop Oyedepo



The founder and leader of Winners’ Chapel, Bishop Davido Oyedepo has revealed that he cautioned Nigerians about President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration but he was not heeded to.
Oyedepo made the disclosure when he spoke in a Sunday sermon at the church’s headquarters, Canaanland, Ota, Ogun State. According to Oyedepo, some people were not happy with him when he warned Nigerians against Buhari’s government..

He said: “I am privileged to be among the few God shows things long before they happen. Some fellows were upset with me when I was talking against this evil government.

“I told this Nation, you are heading for trouble: 2015. Are they in trouble or in turbulence? Turbulence. I saw the wickedness of the wicked being forced on the land. Now no direction, no motion.

“When a Prophet speaks, he speaks the heart of God”.

Meanwhile, Oyedepo recently stated that a governor offered him money in 1990 and he questioned the governor if it was his own money or stolen money because he would never engage in stolen stuff.

He said; “One lady came from Switzerland many years ago, we were in Kaduna, I have told you that story before. She was cumbered with troubles and said, “Sir, please pray for me and I will give you an offering.”
“When I pounced on her, she froze. I said, “if you are not blind, you will know I am richer than you.”

“A governor gave me an envelope here 1990. I said, “I hope it is your money”: you will find it in my various documents. He puts his name there, he said, “Sir, it is my money.”

“Not that I opened it and it was small. How dare you? Give me something! To do what with it? Operating in the reality of your future. You are not begging issues. I can’t partake of your stolen stuff. Glory to God,”

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