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I am Wizkid real father, will never forgive him for abandoning me – Nigerian man vows (Video)



A Nigerian man believed to be under the influence of Alcohol has claimed to be the real father of Wizkid saying he would never forgive him for abandoning him his real father..

According to the man who seems to have drunk so much alcohol, Wizkid is his son and he’s a Delta boy and for abandoning him, he isn’t going to forgive him ever for doing that to his supposed real father who looks alcoholic.

Since the man has had so much to drink, no one is believing that he’s the real father of Wizkid and claiming he’s from Delta even made things worse but then those around tried teasing him asking him to forgive his supposed son Wizkid because he might not even know he’s his father.

Wizkid hardly talks about his family and he hardly talks about his father and that has given this man full of alcohol the chance to claim that he’s his son threatening never to forgive him for abandoning him in Benue state where he has turned into a drunkard.

Wizkid himself appears to be a very good dad to his kids hence we guess he wouldn’t abandone his father since he has been taking good care of his mother therefore this man claiming to be his father is saying so because of the alcohol he has taken as he couldn’t even see his left from his right.

People out of nowhere sometimes claim to be related to some of these celebrities and this man wrecked of alcohol is just trending with the name of Wizkid claiming to be his father and won’t forgive him for abandoning him.

Video below;

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