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Ghanaian Singer Allows Presenter To Touch Her Honey P®T To Confirm That She Wears No Underwear (Video)



An up and coming Ghanaian songstress, Empress Vee did the weirdest and unbelievable thing one could ever imagine during an interview..

Empress Vee was asked by the host if she wore underwear in her dress before stepping out and her answer was ‘no’ and that got the host taken aback and to satisfy his curiosity, he requested to check if she was lying or not.

The singer then raised her dress for the host to look into her middle if her claims that she was not wearing panties was a lie and he then had a field day touching the sensitive part of Empress Vee as she equally enjoyed the moment and after he checked, he confirmed that truly the curvy singer had no panties worn.

When asked why she does not wear underwear, Empress Vee told the host it is because it is a tradition in her family as her ancestors down to her grand mothers did not wear panties.

Watch the video below;

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