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Don’t Use God To Deceive People, He Didn’t Send You To Enrich Yourself – Amanda Ebeye Tells Pastors



Actress Amanda Ebeye has asked men of God to stop using the name of God to deceive people as God didn’t send them to enrich themselves..

Amanda Ebeye in a post asked pastors who have been deceiving their church members and enriching themselves with the money of the members to put a stop to that because God didn’t send them to enrich themselves.

To Amanda Ebeye, as long as you are her pastor and she pays her tithe and offering to you, you are accountable to her because the money she gives doesn’t go to God but to you, the pastor since God never comes down to spend the money.

Therefore, if you buy a Ferrari you tell her why or it’s for both of you the same way if you buy a private jet it’s for both of you or you tell her why as she won’t be allowed to be deceived by the name of God while you enrich yourself.

According to her, God sent pastors to provide service to His people and not to enrich their pockets hence they should stop deceiving the people with the name of God just to enrich their pockets while the people suffer.

screenshot below;

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