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South East Insecurity: Don’t destroy Igboland – UN Mayor Advises Youths



Rights Advocate and United Nations Mayor of Peace, Ambassador Lucky Igbokwe has called on Igbo youths to amend their ways and see the progress of the Igbo nation..

Following recent attacks on security formation and government-owned facilities by some unidentified gunmen in the country, he advised his people to have a rethink and save whatever infrastructure Igboland lost during the Civil war.

The statement partly read, “I bring you good tidings of peace. Tidings to make us pause and ponder over our current situation and where it’ll lead us to in the future. Today, I ask my fellow youth, who is going to benefit from the destruction of institutions that are established to secure our people?

“Five decades after the civil war ended when our parents had managed to make a meaningful progress from the ruins of the war, the little infrastructure we have, we are destroying. The peace we are known for, has become a scarce commodity. The bloodshed we have wiped off our minds has resumed flow on our soil? Why? Our aged are in panic, our children are confused and in fear. Wwhatend are we bent on destroying our land?

“However, our victory must not come in us turning against our collective future. Our victory will come through consistent and very difficult negotiations and renegotiations that must take place.The memories of forebears will not and must not be revisited through violence. With one voice, we demand our equity but be rest assured that we cannot achieve the equity we want by wielding AK 47s on our streets.

“Let’s resolve to tow the path of peaceful negotiations, protect our land and heritage, and as well restore peace in our land, “

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