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Nigeria no longer workable under current structure – Presbyterian church



The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria has joined the clamour for restructuring Nigeria, declaring that it has become obvious that the country is no longer workable under “the prevailing structure and frame”..

Prelate of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, His Eminence, Nzie Nsi Eke, who stated this in a press statement urged President Muhamnadu Buhari to quickly engage agitators of self determination to avoid Nigeria sliding into anarchy.

“We fear that Nigeria might be plunged into uncontrollable crisis situation if these agitations are waved aside as being irrelevant or if they are not treated with care and tact”, he said.

The cleric who decried the worsening insecurity in the country said that Nigeria must restructure now to avoid violent implosion.

” We must restructure to accommodate all political and religious views and also to meet the yearnings and aspirations of all ethnic nationalities”, he warned.

The Presbyterian Church expressed worry that the indices that led to the Nigeria civil war are at play again, warning that the looming second civil war must be avoided at all cost.

The statement which was signed by the Head, Department of Information of the Church, Rev. Nwoke Ibe, warned that if no urgent steps were taken to pull Nigeria back from the precipice, the country might soon go up in flames.

” We are forced to admit that Nigeria is gradually approaching a precipice which might plunge us into an uncontrollable state of anarchy.

” The nation can no longer continue to play the ostrich, pretending that all is well.”

The statement expressed worry over the escalating insecurity, attacks on security formations, abductions and killings of innocent citizens by different armed groups.

According to Presbyterian Church, there is too much bloodletting in Nigeria which must be stopped now if the country must continue to exist.

The church also decried the rising wave of abduction for ransom which it said had become a lucrative venture in the country, challenging government to rise to the occasion.

The statement noted the efforts of Government to fix the Nigeria security challenges but regretted that such efforts are not enough.

” We want to reinforce the fact that the responsibility of finding solution to the problem of insecurity in Nigeria falls primarily on the federal Government.

“We suggest that criminals be treated as criminals. Government should not be seen to favour one group over the other.”

The statement further called for intensified prayers for the country while urging agitators to embrace dialogue in the interest of all.

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