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Most Moms Refuse Not to Scold Their Daughters For Chasing Married Men So Long As They Bring Money Home



A woman has observed that side chics are abundant in our contemporary times because a lot of parents have failed woefully to admonished their daughters from embarking on such adventures so long as they bring money home.
The woman spilled out her thoughts on social media where she substantiated her theory by saying parents often saddle their children especially the females by reminding them of expired house rents, shortage of food at home and a lot of more which often put them in such situations..

In her words; ”One day we will discuss of the role many parents play in modern day prostitution.

Many women know their daughter sleep around for money. Some even know the married man she sleeps with(many girls are that close with their mum), they don’t care as far as she’s bringing money home.

20 year old in YabaTech comes home with phone of 400-500k & instead of asking questions parents go de pose for picture?

One girl I know was going to see abroad returnee for genital collision. Her mum agreed to help her lie to real boyfriend, that her phone fell inside water…real boyfriend even sent money for another phone.

Many girls on this app their parents complain to them about family needs like house rent, expecting them to do something about it, even when her parents know she’s not earning. One asked her daughter “Don’t u have boyfriends?”

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