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“I’m proud to give my life to Christ” – James brown says as he shares his revelation of heaven (Video)



Controversial Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown has announced to his fans that he’s set to give his life to Christ and turn a new leaf.

According to the transvestite, he made the decision to let go of his old way of life after he was made to see a revelation of heaven while on his sick bed.

James noted that his trip to heaven made him realize how much that God truly loves and wants him to be at peace with everyone.

Speaking further, a born again James Brown disclosed that he has forgiven everyone he had a brawl with.

In his words,

“I wasn’t feeling fine.. At that moment I wasn’t felling fine I went to heaven and I cam back.. and I feel like sharing my experience and from that I know God really loves me.

“Whoever I’ve offended or whoever offend me I’ve forgiven you… there’s no gain in fighting, so I’m not interested in fighting.

“Moving forward I’ll be giving my life to Christ. I know it’s funny but Jesus loves me and I’m proud to give my life to Christ”.

Watch video below,