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I Regret Getting A Plastic Surgery – Popular Celebrity Laments



Popular Miami-based influencer, Courtney Barnes professionally known as Ms. Miami has opened up on her regrets of getting plastic surgery.
The desires of some ladies to gain a perfect body have led a lot into uncomfortable situations where they regret having to undergo physical alteration. Some celebrities and mere individuals would often go the extra mile just to acquire their dream body.

Most people also end up damaging their bodies because of the inexperienced surgeons who take up the surgeries. Some people have ended up disfigured while others have also lost their lives in the process.

In a video posted on social media, Ms. Miami narrated by the influencer disclosed some of the challenges she faced after taking some illegal injections to enhance her feminine looks.

In an interview with Truly, Ms. Miami revealed that when she was 22years old, she took her first injections and decided to make her lifestyle change due to her insecurities and inferiority complex. “At one point, I wanted a bigger backside at any cost, but now I realized it could cost me my life,” she said.

She mentioned that due to how complicated the reconstruction surgery was, she had to spend $20,000. She also disclosed that she also tired of the bully on social media and on the streets because of her looks.

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