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“Yorubas Will Suffer Seriously If Nigeria Breaks Because They Only Produce Area Boys And Agberos”- Billionaire Okeowo (Details below)



Olu Okeowo, a Nigerian billionaire, has expressed his thoughts on the topic of the Nigerian league. Billionaire Olu Okeowo is heard saying in a video found on a popular Nigerian blog that everyone who wants Nigeria to break up doesn’ t know what he is talking about. He added that if Nigeria was divided, the South West would be the worst hit because it did not produce anything. He went on to say that the only thing the South West was doing was neighboring boys and deceitful clergymen.

Olu Okeowo is a Nigerian billionaire working in the real estate industry. He was in the news later after one of his major buildings was demolished by the Lagos state government. Okeowo is known for living a life of luxury, as it is said to be one of the most luxurious cities of Ikoyi.

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This is a very unpopular and unpopular thing one can say or think about one’ s race, ethnicity or nationality. Even the missing Yoruba son, Joe Igbokwe, can do better. People who do not know how important they are should be silent rather than insulting others.

The Yoruba are the most educated Nigerians, and crude oil is found in Ondo State, Lagos, and parts of Ekiti State. Gold has recently been discovered in Ibadan, and some Fulanis have been seen digging for it. Coconut, timber, crude oil, and related items in the Sea are all found in the ondo region. Cacao, timber, crude oil, Batle- men, and many uncultivated and undiscovered minerals are all found in the ondo region. not to mention the harbors.

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I did not agree with the creation of false clergy, but I agreed if he counted the criminals, and if there was a disagreement, we would return to the first round, and I believe Nigeria would remain united, according to my father in the LORD who prophesied for the donkey years.