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“Wonder Shall Never End”- Woman Catches Her Man Marrying Another Woman: See What Happened (Video below)



These days, there is a trend of cohabiting, women move in with the man they are in a relationship with, they relax and feel that everything is okay, they get introduced to everyone in the family, but for as long as you haven’t signed anything, just know that you are just a girlfriend, and possibly, you could be a side chick even when you are sharing a bed with him.

A video where a woman interrupted a wedding is making its round on social media, and at first, you would think that they are acting, but it is actually something that happened in real life.

A woman brought her kids and found the man she has been within a suit with another woman wearing a wedding gown and she wrecked havoc as she demands explanation from this guy

She even went as far as telling that she had many kids with the man out of wedlock but she didn’t mind, and her family knows her as their daughter in law, she said she can’t believe what is happening.

“I had these kids out of wedlock, after so many years, I gave birth to his kids for so many years, and today he is making a fool out of how can he get married to her, these are his kids, his family knows me, I am their daughter in law, we’ve been staying together for so many years and this is what he does to me,” she said on the video.

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While she was busy trying to go to the couple which is getting married, some people stopped her while her man and the bride get into a car while she tries to break free with no luck, all she could do was tell angrily that she has been with this man for many years and they have kids together.

Watch Video below;

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