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Wicked And Fake Friends Post You On Their Story – Mike Ezuruonye



Actor Mike Ezuruonye has made a very controversial post saying fake and wicked friends are those who post you on their story and not their page.
Mike Ezuruonye agreeing with a post that said fake and wicked friends are the ones that feel you are not worthy to be posted on their page rather post you on their story shared it on his page asking fans to get that..

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A post shared by Mike Ezuruonye (@mikeezu)

According to the post Mike Ezuruonye shared one should always know that their true friends and colleagues will honor their special day and post them on their pages but the wicked and fake ones or the ones that feel they aren’t worthy will not.

The post of Mike Ezuruonye went ahead to stake that friends who feel you aren’t worthy won’t honor your special day and won’t post you on their page but rather post you on their story asking everyone to get that.

Mike Ezuruonye seems in total support of the post hence stressing on it to let fans get that and remember that friends and colleagues who post them on their story don’t feel they are worthy enough to be on their page.

This post of Mike Ezuruonye is very controversial and totally not true because some people prefer to post on their stories than on their main page and that doesn’t mean they don’t feel their friends or colleagues aren’t worthy of it.

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