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What Adamu Garba, Northerners Promised To Do If Kanu Gives Up Biafra Ambition (Details below)



The former presidential aspirant, Mr. Adamu Garba has come out recently to reveal what he will do for the Igbo separatist, Nnamdi Kanu as the Ramadan festival comes to an end if he can changes his mind towards separating Nigeria and declares his loyalty to the world as a proud Nigeria. Adamu who has always been against anything that will destabilize this nation Nigeria revealed what he would do for Kanu in appreciation if he eventually accepts one Nigeria and the Islam religion in a peaceful way that would satisfy both interest politically.

Speaking further, the former presidential aspirant who seems to be a core supporter of the present administration, stated that if Nnamdi Kanu and his supporters accept Nigeria as their country and move towards building the nation for a better future that we would willingly give out five cows to them as a form of appreciation. However, shortly after he made the tweet, series of mixed reactions have trailed online over the statement which he later proceeded to request suggestions and opinions from Nigerians.

What do you think about these funny offer to fiercely Biafra members who want to be dependent by all means possible. Don’ t you think this is more than a joke to their devoted ambition, which may stir up more anger on Nigeria. On the other hand, Biafra should look into his offer if there could be mutual understand between the two politician as we all know that cow are costly in this era of Fulani herdsmen scarcity. Am very sure the Igbo leader, Nnamdi KANU must have seen this hilarious tweet and would definitely be boiling up his reply towards the anti Biafra man in his next tweet to be released soon on social media.

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What do you think about this, could it be possible considering the present situation of things now and the intensity of the ongoing agitation? Would you forcibly gain freedom if you are in KANU shoe OE act according to dormancy.