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“We Won’t Service Police Officers For The Next 5-Years” – Prostitutes To Police Customers



The Pokuase Union of prostitutes has made its decision known to the police officers in Ghana that they will not service them sexually again for the next five years..

In a press release spotted online, the prostitutes have told police officers in Pokuase that they will not render any form of sexual intercourse, intimacy, or any form of a jolly ride with any police officer in Ghana for the next five years.

According to the president of the Pokuase Union of prostitutes, Fresh Girl Baby jet, they have realized that the police have been rendering the same services to people who patronize their profession and also enhances the reputation of the other people to them.

They have however concluded that by these actions from the police officers, they have not accorded them any form of respect. Thus this has made them come to a conclusion that they are terminating every connection they (prostitutes) have with every police officer.

The press statement reads…

“We the above-mentioned group have come into a concomitant position that from henceforth, we shall not render any form of sexual intercourse, intimacy, or jolly ride to any police officer in Ghana for the next 5 years ahead of us.”

It is believed that you render equal enjoyment to those who patronize your profession and it aggrandizes, hence we have come to comprehend that the police did not accord us with any preferential and segregated treatment, therefore does not need any reciprocal engagement from us. “

We are undertaking this position to starve police officers who are always in bed with us to learn their lessons not to raid us in a Rambo style again. We are using this medium to also advise other prostitutes groups to desist from offering their “tokro abodwese” to any police officer”

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