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We Will Hoist The Biafran Military Flag of Authority By 30th Of May- BNG Pledges (Details below)



The Biafra National Guard (BNG) has pledged to raise the banner of the Biafra military authority by May 30, 2021. According to the team, the activity will involve the entire acquisition of the Biafra area that will leave Anambra. In a statement signed by BNG\/BSMCA Director Colonel Nsikak Akpan, the organization also stated that it has banned the raising or flying of the Nigerian flag in any area of the Biafra territory.

The BNG also stated that it will not allow governor elections to be held in Anambra, adding that the state will no longer rule in any way linked to Nigeria. ” After extensive discussions and consultations, Biafra Supreme Military Council (BSMCA) is composed of the head of the BNG, the Biafra Army, the provincial assistants and interim administrators of the Biafra Navy, the Biafra Air Force and The Biafra detective forces promised to raise the flag of the military authorities of Biafra, which will officially mark the government transition from a transitional period to a temporary one, and will fully occupy Biafra territory from May 30, 2021.

“The BSMCA pointed out that the Biafra National Guard (BNG) will start operations in the abolished state of Anambra, and emphasized that the original November provincial vote is not allowed, and that the abolished state will be abolished without stopping its governance Enter Nigeria in any way. ” Nigerian security forces must stop approving arrests, patrols, control or display of uniforms in the Biafra area.

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“Furthermore, this is a warning that, therefore, the Nigerian flag is banned, and the Nigerian flag must not be hoisted or displayed in any part of the Biafra area, otherwise there will be serious consequences for those who violate the order. ” Compared with the state of chaos that Nigeria’ s Biafra National Guard will release, including its quasi- state facilities and facilities located in the Biafra area, the so- called unknown gunman is compared as the latest activity of the kindergarten.

“This retaliation will be launched from the late Anambra State, with the aim of arbitrarily infringing upon the fundamental freedoms and human rights of these Biafra prisoners of conscience for more than fifteen (15) years. “I implore the Biafran Transitional Council to approve the list of chief executives of the Biafran Army, the Biafran Navy, the Biafran Air Force, and the Biafran Detective Force.

“The list has been forwarded to the High Conference Hall for review. And decentralized.” The Security Council calls on all Biafra men and women who are still serving in the Nigerian National Security Forces to resign thereafter, because the grace period granted will expire after the flag of the Biafra military authorities is hoisted.

“The Security Council urges the people of Biafra to remain patient and tolerant as the situation develops because it will become uncomfortable and severe, but this is the price we must pay for our freedom. He said: ” In addition, this is to inform everyone that from October 27 to 30, 2021, the provincial government will broadcast the live broadcast of the Biafra National Guard, where the future of the sovereign state of Biafra will be announced.

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