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We Lost Our 21st Chief Of Army Staff On The 21st Day Of The 21st Year Of The 21st Century- Fans React To The Death Of Gen. Attahiru



As fate or coincidence would have it, the 21st Chief Of Army Staff of Nigeria, Lt. Gen. Attahiru lost his life on the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century.
Fans have been left grief-stricken and baffled as the news of the death of the Chief Of Army Staff happened on the 21st. Netizens could not hold it all as they reacted to the news of his death…

See reactions:

@kiarajenny83832: On the month of February I told people that another military’s aircraft will crash unless the nation’s pray but everyone doubts me saying it’s a lie, but the prove of my dreams are intact with date, I pity this nation because more deaths on government are still on the way

i@justchrix·: In Nigeria,,, pls pray everyday. They even pray for the nation ,,,infact those who boarded the plane must have prayed for safe flight .. Yet it crashed ,,, is it that God didn’t listen to all those prayers … What if u have a positive prophecy..does God forbid positive prophecy?

@elman501: God’s plan.. I share no regrets, sympathy or condolences for someone who has no feelings for my pains

@MDskorpios: It not a sad day for me and my south west south south brothers and sister probably North because another Northerner will still be chief of Army staff.

@kingmexicco: Hahaha prayer answered .Biafra will come my brother we are the chose race to red to restore it

@Chef_Jargo: There is nothing in this nation any longer. Killing him is a setup. How can they say the plane was crashed? Was it not tested before flying? Who flew it / took it before him? I don’t think people are thinking about what I’m thinking

i@justchrix: That is if u are thinking,,,,, those planes dat crash all over the world ..were they not tested , didnt anyone fly the plane before it crashed.. What if it’s d weather, what if it’s the pilot’s mistake,, what if birds flew into the could be engine fault develop mid air

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