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WARNING!!! There Is Power In Spoken Words, See What Army Chief Of Staff Said That May Be Responsible For His Death (Details below)



Barely fews months ago, the former chief of Army staff in the person of Buratai was removed and retired by president Mohammed Buhari who also appointed Ibrahim Attahiru to head the Nigerian Army which is considered as the most strongest armed force in Nigeria.

However, after Attahiru was made the army General and chief of staff, he made statements that may have caused his death in the plane crash.

Before his confirmation as the COAS, there were many issues facing the country which includes Boko Haram, killer herdsmen, bandits, kidnappers, Biafra agitation and Oduduwa Republic agitations.

Being the army chief of staff he started from where the former stopped by tackling insecurity in the North East and then the Eastern Security Network in Imo State and South east entirely.

During his tenure, he swore that over his dead body will Biafra and Oduduwa become countries of their own and now he his dead.

It’s very dangerous to use that statement ‘ over your dead body ‘ this means that you have sworn not to be alive for something to happen and once that thing is about to happen, you may die.

Human beings are just mere mortals irrespective of the position they occupy in the country. Some people once they are in position they think they powere to stop everything forgetting that most things are ordained and signed in heaven meaning there is nothing any human being can do to stop it.

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When you swear that over your dead body will such heavenly ordained things happen, you have automatically committed suicide. Maybe Biafra restoration is ordained by God same as Oduduwa Republic.

The army chief was travelling to Kaduna with the best military helicopter and all the experts confirmed that the chopper was in good condition yet it crashed.

Recall that the Army chief gave the order for ESN commander to be killed and now the number one commander of the Nigerian is dead with his wife.

Mind how you use the statement ‘ over your dead body’ and if possible avoid using it. May their souls rest in peace.