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UNBELIEVABLE: Meet The Father And Son Who Hid In The Forest For 40 Years Because Of This (Details below)



Thousands of civilians were killed and displaced during the Vietnam War in the 1970s, as people moved to safer areas. A man named Ho Van Thanh was one of the people who suffered greatly as a result of the war.

After his house was bombed, Van Thanh reportedly lost his wife and one of his three sons. As the war became more intense, he had no choice but to flee into the woods with his 2- year- old son, unaware that he had left another son alive.

The pain of watching his family die in front of his eyes grew in him, and he and his son, Van Lang, ended up spending 41 years in the desert— before his other son discovered their hideout in 2013.

According to reports, the father and his son remained separated from the civilian world for four decades, subsisting on wild fruits and foods, and Van Lang warned his son not to leave their new home because he believed the Vietnam war was still going on.

Van Lang’ s only view of the civilian world will be from his father’ s telltales. Van Lang adapted to becoming asexual after never having come into contact with a woman, and he is said to be struggling to grasp what a female is even now, at the age of 53.

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After locals informed him of his father and brother’ s escape, Van Thanh’ s elder son admitted that he had been searching for them for 30 years. He took the 2 back home, though his dad was reluctant at first, and build a house for them. Van Lang is now 51- years- old while his dad has grown much older nowadays.

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