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Ulcer Can Be Transmitted Through Close Contact – Prof. Dr. Wiafe



The Chief Executive of Natural Way Herbal Clinic Professor Doctor Wiafe Akenteng has said that stomach ulcers can be transmitted to one another through close contact like kissing and getting contact with the saliva of a person who has the infection..

This follows after a guest of the show shared her predicament on how she has been suffering from a stomach ulcer. Prof Dr. Wiafe displayed how ulcer can be cured with the use of a part of the plantain which contains potassium and anti-oxidant. He emphasized that herbal drugs are more effective than orthodox drugs.

Sharing her story, on the health show “Etesen”, a woman (name withheld) disclosed to the host Ohemaa Sakyiwaa that she has been living with a stomach ulcer for the past seven years. She complained about her she started experiencing swollen feet, excessive eating, and constipation whenever she experiences ulcer pains. The guest on the health show factored on late eating and improper way of eating as some reasons why she got an ulcer.

She complained about how she started changing drugs after the prescribed drugs given to her at the hospital were less effective, however, due to some complications she feared having due to the excessive intake of different drugs, she stopped taking unprescribed drugs recommended by her neighbour.

Doctor Joseph Baffoe Peprah of Long Life herbal clinic however emphasized some of the types of ulcers and some causes of ulcers. The doctor stated that aside from getting infected by stomach ulcers due to late eating habits, it can also cause jaundice in the blood. He explained that the hydrochloric acid responsible for food digestion causes damage on the other part of the internal organ when one practices a late eating habit.

Touching on some of the causes of ulcer, he stated that drinking alcohol, excessive smoking, taking carbonated drinks, and many others. He has however advised the public to desist from the intake of these foods that affect the internal organs.

Furthermore, Prof. Wiafe Akenteng warned ulcer patients to desist from acidic foods or fruits like pineapple, lime, lemon, orange, and other spicy foods. He recommended the intake of vegetables like cabbage cauliflower, broccoli, pawpaw, and especially coconut water. He also advised the public to eat on time to prevent ulcer infections.

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