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Those Behind The Call For The Country’s Breakup Are Trying To Get Away With Crimes Committed Under The Name ‘Nigeria’ — Singer, Seun Kuti



Seun Kuti, singer and youngest son of legendary Nigerian Afrobeat musician, Fela Kuti has concurred with the school of thought that Nigeria is the biggest crime scene in the world..

Seun Kuti said that those calling for the breaking up of Nigeria are trying to get away with the crimes and atrocities they committed under the name of Nigeria.

The activist said that after smart criminal have committed their crimes, they disappear the evidence, therefore when there is no more Nigeria, no one can hold them accountable for what was done under the name of Nigeria.

Nigerians have shared their thoughts on the video and many have lauded him for speaking truth.

Watch the video below;

@proud_lyfeminist wrote;

Not everyone wanting the break of Nigeria committed crimes , with the way our country is going is only logical for the idea of separation to be in motive


Even if we split, it’s another set of selfish leaders that’ll rule. They’ll come back looking refurbished, but it’ll end up being the same rubbish governance, if not worse.


Abeg bruh
For the 38 years wetin you don fit recollect outta all wetin them steal from you??
Your papa tried them he died
Your grandma tried they assassinated her
Bruh let’s try something new
Let them divide
Let Nigeria divide pls


Omo i have never thought about it from this angle oo.
Imagine them instigating and fueling break-up to cover their tracks.
Son of a Lion ,shekpe is also a Lion.. Because a Lion can never born a got o.

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