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This Is Where The Man Who Designed Nigeria’s Flag Lives (Photos)



Outrage as Photos of the Current Place Where the Man who Designed Nigeria’s Flag Lives Emerge

Photos of the house of Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi, the man who designed Nigeria’s flag, has angered many people

– In the viral photos, the outside of the building begs for renovation to say the least, with a restroom that is usually obtainable in economic communities

– Many slammed the government for not looking after Taiwo who they described as a national treasure

A 23-year-old Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi had thrown his hat in the ring as he offered to design the nation’s flag. His design entry in 1959 became what is known today as the Nigerian flag.

62 years down the lane, the man is not living the best of life many would have thought, owing to the fact that he contributed to one of Nigeria’s symbol and by extension, a means of identification.

The building exterior looked unkempt with its faded colours, while the other image – the restroom – which was shared was in a pitiable state.

Nigerians expressed sadness at the recent discovery with many calling out the government over their negligence of one they described as a national treasure