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TERROR!!! “We Are Ready With Our Weapons And Rockets, We Are Ready To Carry Out Suicide Missions”- The Hamas (Details below)



Palestinians are on strike in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and in Israeli towns to protest Israel’ s attacks on Gaza and ” against the apartheid regime.

Its also Nine days of Hamas’ incessant rocket fire from Gaza at Israeli civilians, +3500 rockets, 12 people killed and millions of Israelis targeted by Hamas.

However according to a viral video which was uploaded by the Isreal defense showed the compilation of hamas terrorist organization plans against Isreal, as the video was captioned “If you won’ t listen to us, listen to them” .This is coming after Isreal are being accused by the world of killing Palestinians for no reason.

Showed in the video was one of hamas leader saying ” we are ready with our weapons, we are ready with our rockets, we are ready to blow up busses, we are to carryout suicide mission” .

Faith Hamad, senior official in the video said All of you 7 million Palestinians abroad enough of the warming up, you have jews everywhere, we must attack every jew on the planet earth, we must slaughter and kill them with Allah’ s help” .

Ismail haniyeh another senior hamas official also said ” Palestinians is from the sea to the jordan river and we shall never, never recognize Isreal” .

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The deputy speaker of the hamas parliament prayed saying ” oh Allah destroy the jews and their supporters, count them one by one and kill them all without leaving a single one” .

Just last week May 7 2021, Faithi hamm ad senior hamas official gave instructions of how to kill jews he said ” people of Jerusalem, we want you to cut off the heads of the jews with knives, with your hand cut their artery”.

All this above are one of the reasons Isreal keeps attacking the hamas terrorist organization so as to defend their nation. The prime Minister of Isreal Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that he will continue to strike at the terrorist targets as necessary to restore peace to all residents of Israel.