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See What Was Done to This Pastor After Hw Was Caught Performing Rituals With a Dead Goat (Details below)



It is so despicable how people claim to be men of God as a disguise to carry out their devilish act. These days we have seen where different so-called men of God have been caught with different disgusting attitudes either they were caught using devilish ways to perform their miracles or where are seen performing rituals.

A pastor in charge of a church over the villagers of Obubara, Izzi Local Government, was caught and stripped naked when he was attempting a ritual with a goat in which the owner thought was lost.

He was caught by the owner of the goat who stays around the environment where the church is, the owner of the goat said that he thought the goat was missing as he has been searching for it for days.

The owner of the goat narrated how he caught the Pastor with the goat; he said that he woke up early in the morning and wanted to get something when he saw the pastor making strange incantations on the goat that was dead.

When he passed by him, he saw his goat and recognized the goat to be the goat he thought was missing on the floor, he then asked the pastor where he got the goat from and the pastor denied having anything to do with the goat and lied that he wanted to take the goat away from it.

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The owner of the goat raised an alarm which caught the attention of other neighbors around, after trying to confront the pastor he hesitated and it later drew the attention of many other villages.

This made some angry mob raided his church and when they entered the church and started turning it upside down they discovered a lot of unusual things like charms, human parts, and people’s names written on a strange wood.