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SAD: My 3 Sisters And I Got HIV From House Boy After Father Infected House Girl- Lady Narrates (Details below)



Guys always are careful about who you sleep with in these tough and uncertain times of increased s3xually related diseases more so the incurable dreaded HIV/AIDS that has engulfed our world.

Below is a confession of a disturbed lady who contracted HIV from a house help. According to the lady, the disease was spread in the family because of secret affairs.

Read the confession below:

“Hi, please hide my name. I’m a very sad woman since I have HIV and I don’t know what to do now. We are 8 in our family. 4 sisters, 2 brothers, my mum and dad and all of us got HIV because of secretly having s3x with our house help and farmboy.

Trouble started a few years ago when my dad employed a Shamba boy to take care of our farm. The man was kind of cute and my elder sister used to say she will one day make him hers. She started having s3x with him and warned us to stay away.

Our elder sister, however, one day whispered to one of my sisters how good in bed the farm boy was and this made her really want him.

She seduced the man and they started having s3x. Soon the four of us were having s3x with him. The house boy was very secretive and made sure we didn’t know he was having us all. He kept pretending to be in love with our elder sister.

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A few months later, we got a young house to help my mum with the housework. She was not cute but had a very nice body. She started hanging out with the house boy and they also secretly had s3x.

One day the house girl came home crying saying our dad has given her HIV. She was coming from the clinic. Apparently, my dad was also having s3x with her. My mum then realized what has been happening at home and ordered us all to go to the clinic.

We were all shocked, including my mum when the test came back positive. Dad had given her the disease. I don’t know what to do now. I wish I didn’t have s3x with that man because he has killed me.”


@Jennie Temor : “My heart is aching for these girls, I’ve never felt this kinda pain for a narrated story…may that devil of a father rot in hell😢😢😢

@Freshiah Wanjiru: “This so painful 😭 😭 😭 😭 💔 💔 💔 his own dad GOD have mercy’

@Julie Millz: “Hearing all this made me fill a lot of pain deep inside of my heart but I pray that God stays with you forever and ever”

@Mogoroki: “But tamaa ni mbaya sasa nani aliwaambia pia nyinyi mupeane kwa house boy jamani, somebody should show me that legendary Shamba Boy yeye ni bazuu.”

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@Victoria Mwaipopo: Jaman dunia ina mambo mengi sijui niseme pole amaniseme tamaa mbaya.