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Remember The Woman Who Turned To Pillar Of Salt In The Bible? See Recent Pictures And Location (Details below)



The story of lot’ s wife is one of the most fascinating and but sad testimonies in the bible. It is one that bears a very splendid moral lesson to all Christians, to not allow the cares of this lifestyles make us unfastened our lives or our salvation. The story starts with when God desired to damage sodom and gomorrah, so he despatched an angel to deliver lot and his family out, due to the fact they had been the only humans well worth saving. The angel unexpectedly delivered Lot, his spouse and two daughters out of their house, and sent them going on a hill. He told them vividly to run to the mountains and that none of them seem to be back. So they hurried on, but lot’ s wife, out of curiosity and longing for all she had at sodom, looked back. And so instantly, she grew to be a pillar of salt.

The charming thing is that this pillar of salt she became, nonetheless stands until today. Ever considering that time, the story of lot’ s spouse has been handed on, and the region of the pillar has not been forgotten. People who have long gone on pilgrimage, have testified of having viewed and even taken little pieces of the salt lot’ s spouse became. Scientists and Bible scholars also, have attested to this fact, that it is the proper lot’ s spouse whom the bible talked about.

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Here are some of the pictures:

Apparently, the salt pillar has grow to be disfigured due to wear and tear from climate and different factors. But if you seem to be closely, you will see that it resembles the shape of a slender human, like a lady. So it is most in all likelihood actual as reported, that this is her pillar of salt.

Lot’ s wife’ s story will proceed to be a lesson to christians, until christ comes. She disobeyed a easy instruction, and instantly acquired struck.

One in no way is aware of when the wrath of God will come, so we ought to never take his mercies for granted the way she did.

May God help us.