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People React As Groom Cancels Wedding After He Discovered His Wife And His Best Man Are Having An Affair



It is always said that a wedding is usually one of the best moments and also the happiest day in a person’ s life. The joy is obvious as both the groom and the bride are happy that they will be joined as husband and wife. A wedding is a day while marriage is the main deal in any wedding because it is until ” death do us apart”.

I watched a video of a wedding and I felt pity for the bride because she was very happy on her wedding day, not knowing that the wedding would come to an end.

From the video, the groom could be seen showing how he lost trust in his best man, who was his best friend but, obviously, now an enemy.

The groom found out that his bride and his best man were having an affair behind him and this made the wedding ceremony come to an abrupt end.

There is a saying that ” trust nobody” who would have thought his best friend could do this to him. Well, thank God he discovered it on time.

Meanwhile, immediately after the video was shared on social media, a lot of people took to the comments section to react;

below are the reactions of people to the video

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What can you say to this?

if you were the groom, what would you do to your friend who has been sleeping with your wife?

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