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‘My Boyfriend Is Heartless’ – Lady Writes



A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to categorically state that her fiancee is heartless..

This lady who decided to stay anonymous shared this in a recent letter she wrote to the popular Nigerian relationship coach, Joro Olumofin.

The letter she wrote reads;

“Anonymous! Good morning Joro and Joro-nation” I meet this guy 2019, them after our first time out something happened and he said he doesn’t want a relationship, then we became close friends. I do tell him almost Everything that is going on in my life, he advise me and all I fall in love deeply with him. I tried to make things work for us again, all this while we where friends, he always may sure I wasn’t dating any guy, he says things to make me see reason not to date the guys asking me out, which I took his advise, because I love him so much. fast forward to 2021, when I noticed all those guys after me are all getting married and I’m booless. I tried to distance my self from he to see if I can like anyone else, which he noticed and the them tried working his way back and said we should start all over again, I accepted. We had issue for like a week after we resolve it he told me he travelled out of the country, which I believed, after some weeks he told me he has given his out for service apartment. mind u the last time we spoke on phone was Feb, the rest just on chat, when I complained he said his phones has problem, this guy uses more than 3 phones. My problem now is I really want to be out of this relationship, I’m not enjoying it, not that he gives me or anything but I love the guy s much, I can’t withstand being with another man, I have tried to talk to him, all he keep saying is I’m trying to make money so once I enter Nigeria we marry. I’m confuse, I feel I’m being manipulated always telling me what I want to hear cos he knows I love him. I really want to let him go but my heart is not willing. I don’t know if I’m under something. Please I need advise if there’s anyway I can forgot about him without huting my self more than I have already done, I have loose many good guys that care much about me all because of him, he act as if nothing is wrong with his way he behaved toward me, that I keep on bringing the issue of we not speaking on phone when he already told me his phones are bad.”

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