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Lady Given N3.95 Million As A Gift After Tweeting About Getting A New Month Surprise



A young Nigerian lady has been surprised by someone on Twitter and this comes after she made a tweet about getting a new month surprise.
Today marks the start of the month of May and just like any other month, many people reveal how they want others to bless them with new month gifts..

After writing about getting a new month gift in a recent post she made, this lady was surprised to get an alert of N3.95 million.

The lady uses the handle, @__Ozioma and she took to the platform to acknowledge receipt of the money as she revealed how she was happy to get the money.

As a caption, she wrote;

“youuu guyssss Jesus Christ I’m scriminnnnnnn wyatqywusjsiwbwtaja

Twitter users have shared their thoughts about the tweet. Read some of these reactions below;

@maniac8989 – Why did he send it to an account number different from the one you sent to him though?

@naughty_libra – So the account number changed when the money entered your account??Is God not wonderful

@Irunnia_ – People mocking her doesn’t know how bank works. Once you receive payment from 500k and above, the Bank automatically upgrades your account and the account number change. What God cannot do doesn’t exist

@Zaddy_Chukwu – The both account no’s are like Buhari & Good Governance, they are not the Same

@KingiJosh – It’s obvious you people commenting here have not received big money in your accounts before, if not you should know that once a credit alert is more than a million naira, it changes account number automatically.
Only rich people will know this

@lollypeezle – Even your account number couldn’t believe the transfer, it changed immediately the money came in. Ogbontarigi

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