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Iniubong Umoren: Police Is Trying To Cover Up – David Hundeyin makes shocking revelation



Nigerian journalist David Hundeyin has alleged that the Nigerian Police is trying to cover up some real things on the death of the fresh graduate who was raped, killed and buried while attending an interview..

Recall that Iniubong Umoren had become a talk of the town as her friends and family declared her missing before her body was eventually found and a suspect arrested. Meanwhile, Iniubong was named the 7th top in her graduating class, and could likely be offered a lecturing job after her NYSC with such result..

Launching into investigation, David Hundeyin described the Akwa Ibom State Police Command’s announcement of the extraction of a confession from the arrested suspect, Akpan, and the identified his motive – he was a serial rapist and serial killer acting alone, as a completely uncharacteristic manner of Nigeria’s elephant-paced justice system, which according to him, is the end of story and job done..

“Naturally, this neat explanation did not satisfy many, who felt that Akpan could not have acted alone, and that the police might be involved in some kind of a cover up to protect powerful people potentially implicated. Rumours also began swirling about Hiny’s family receiving death threats, and the suspect allegedly boasting about being well-connected. Beyond the whispers however, there has been precious little to substantiate the idea that stringing up Frank Akpan alone would not represent any kind of justice for Hiny Umoren. Sources willing to speak up and provide information about this case have generally not been forthcoming. Until now”, he wrote..

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Adding that he pored over several days worth of leaked call data from Frank Akpan’s mobile provider to make sense of the situation, David Hundeyin said what will be presented in his story is the closest thing that exists to objective evidence that Frank Akpan is only being used to fall for the bigger fish involved in Iniubong Umoren’s death and that there are other participants involved in the killing, who are walking free while the Police intentionally bungles what should be an open and shut investigation..

“What will be presented in this story is the closest thing that exists to objective evidence that: 1.) Frank Akpan is being used to take the fall for much bigger fish involved in Hiny Umoren’s murder; and 2.) While Frank Akpan is certainly the primary suspect and was directly involved in the murder, there are other participants in the murder still walking free, while the Akwa Ibom Police Command intentionally bungles what should be an open and shut investigation”, he wrote..

In a tweet, David Hundeyin revealed that using cellular geolocation data, his investigation proves the existence of a high level organ trafficking ring in Akwa Ibom State which has backing from the Akwa Ibom State Police Command and a senior civil servant working for high level politicians at the Niger Delta Ministry..

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He then slammed the Akwa Ibom Commissioner of Police, saying he is a criminal and has been busted. “Amiengheme Andrew, Akwa Ibom State Commissioner of Police, you have been busted! You are a criminal!”, he tweeted.