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“I Sell Human Being Parts To Politicians And Prophets”- Unknown Man Reveals Secret (Details below)



Serial- rapist and killer of Iniobong Umoren, Uduak Frank Akpan, has confessed what he usually did to human beings he had killed in the past. According to him, he says he usually sold the parts of the human beings to top politicians and prophets and prophetesses

He has been in this business for 7 years now with 3 others who he refused to mention names even if it meant his death. He exclaimed snitching is not part of their game, when the law catches you, you face it alone. The have payed their allegiance, love and loyalty to this code; ” Don’ t snitch broda man when the law catches you, you go alone”

A source said: ” He says he sells body parts to some top politicians and fake prophets in Uyo/Aks and Okokobio

“Don’ t I tell you everyday about these prophets? That you should flee from them? And have God in your lives? And my daddy, my papa will come telling me to judge not” , the guy said on an interview. He has once said this words on an interview before cautioning the world to beware of fake pastors

He was the only one who knew what he was telling the world for he was a part of the game which he wanted to stop after realizing the innocent bloods that has split on his soul

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“God expose, punish and destroy all of them” , he added

Their own children’ s body parts can’ t be used for their stupid evil fetishes? Those ones are good to be sent abroad, while other innocent human beings body parts should be used. Oh God of the innocent, God of justice please arise” he cried out in tears with regret to his evil deeds for over 8 years human sacrificial act

“Jehovah please prove to the world that no politician or fake prophet is more powerful than your law or you” , he kept shedding tears of regret.

Show the world that evil is bad and whatever anyone does shall be revealed at last, so others will take precaution. And then destroy all of them so they’ ll know you’ re a powerful and able God. None should escape your wrath dear Lord. Amen. ”

This young man was not caught by the law but he saw it high time to stop what he was doing, so he reported himself to the police with evidence to his evil deeds for years now.

The police was astonished upon reaching the secret place where they damped the unneeded body parts. No man could count alone.

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