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FINAL WARNING!!! You Dare Not Send The Military Against Biafrans, If You Do, Be Ready To Attack Us Too- Sunday Igboho (Details below)



The current spate of attacks in the southeast against IPOB and its security outfit is becoming a war in the making.

The leadership of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has on several occasions addressed the issue of IPOB and its security outfit are not a terrorist group but are you to protect the lives and properties of the indigenous peoples.

He had in a radio Biafra broadcast warned the Nigerian government of the attacks carried out against its members and security operatives. Kanu had warned that any attack will on his groups or any abduction of the indigenous people not be left without a fightback in self- defense.

Sunday Igboho has also made this warning to the federal government and its troops not to violate the Biafrans by raiding and killing them.

I think the Yoruba Nation is becoming obvious of its alliance with the new announcement that was made by Sunday Igboho yesterday evening.

IPOB and Yoruba Nation are still under the Federal Government of Nigeria, how can you think of collaborating with Biafrans to dare the Federal Government of Nigeria?

I think the leader of Yoruba Nation and IPOB should be warned before Federal Government takes action on them

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The Popular Yoruba Activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemi Igboho is Popularly known as ” Igboho Osa” declared support for the Biafra People. In the statement that was posted on the official Facebook page of His Spokesman, Olayomi Adekunle.

He declared that any Attack on the Biafran People is an Attack on the Yoruba people because Biafrans and Yorubas are brothers.

This statement was released this evening by Chief Sunday Igboho’ s Spokesman, Olayomi Adekunle. The statement released says:

” We would like to inform the Federal Government Of Nigeria that any attack on the South East is an attack on the Yorubas. ”

” Biafra people have been targeted by the Nigeria Army and any further attacks on them, we would have no other options than to support our brothers and sisters in Biafra Land. ”
Sunday Igboho’ s Spokesman, Olayomi Adekunle Kioki released video clips to tell the public that the statement is directly from Chief Sunday Adeyemi Igboho.

in my own opinion, I think IPOB leader and Sunday Igboho should be warned because Federal Government has what it takes to destroy the secessionist groups in Nigeria.

What’ s your opinion on this press release?

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