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Fear Women! Lady Who Married 7 Husbands Narrates How She Controls Them (Details below)



I’m sure you will be wondering how a woman can have multiple husbands. Most people only know the common one which is popularly known as ” Polygynous” a man that marry more than one wife.

But this is the case of a woman who is married to more than one husband. The type of marriage is called ” Polyandry” and this kind of marriage can be found among some part of Australia, Tibetans, among others.

According to a trending video, a woman has narrated how she got married to seven husbands and how she carter for the whole family. She said she is the bread winner of the house and she takes care of the entire family.

She went further by saying none of her husbands would dare to cheat on her or think of divorcing her because she has a ” spiritual power” that checkmates all their activities.

She also said she bought house for all the seven husbands and she is always the one who decides who to sleep or have intercourse with. She concluded by saying she has no problem marrying more husbands in future.

The video has caused mixed reactions on social media and here is how some people reacted to it;

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@Orji Kalu wrote;

This is not ordinary, these men are under spells and captivity. It stupidity for 7 men to be married to a single woman. What happens to the authority of a man. You sell your headship as a man because of a house, if you work harder with wisdom you can build more than 10.

@Rita Iketalu also commented;

I sure know this is not Nigeria. Our men have this pride that will not allow them to ever do this. Maybe, just maybe, this woman is casting spell on them since she is a powerful spiritualist.

@Babatunde Raphael said;

The men you are talking about are under spell, spiritual controls the physical ok using them spiritually and building houses for them physical so that they may think they are in the right track.