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DJ Cuppy Screams After Being Told A Portrait Of Herself Is $3,636.36



Billionaire daughter DJ Cuppy has screamed at the price of a portrait of herself that she’s willing to buy from an artist yet to be known..

DJ Cuppy upon seeing the portrait of herself got so much interested in it and shared it on her InstaStory for her fans to help her tell the artist that she wants to buy the portrait but guess she never imagined it will cost that much.

A fan who tried helping her get in touch with the artist warned her ahead of that the artist bids in dollars hence how much is she willing to give for her portrait but then blew her mind off with the price of $3,636.36.

DJ Cuppy upon seeing the price screamed as she never expected such a portrait of herself to cost that much and she seems confused as to whether she should negotiate and buy it or let it be for another to buy it.

The artist who was probably trying to get the attention of DJ Cuppy finally got it but guess he pushed her with the price which he thinks he gave because he thinks DJ Cuppy is rich since she’s the daughter of a billionaire.

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, professionally known as DJ Cuppy, or simply Cuppy, is a Nigerian disc jockey and producer. She is the daughter of Nigerian businessman Femi Otedola but thrives to make a living for herself.

screenshot below;

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