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DANGER ALERT!!! See Picture Of Israel Anti Rocket Jet Bomber That Can Level Palestine In 48 Hours (Details below)



The Isreal conflict with Palestine has entered its 8th day, as Nations all over the world continue to call for a cease- fire between both regions. However, Isreal continues to Target and destroy areas in Gaza, which they believe Hamas, a terrorist group in Gaza keeps their ammunition and military equipment in.

Israel launches new strikes on Israel

Currently, the United Nations are having a council meeting over the escalating tension between both sides, as both regions have disagreed on a cease- fire. However, Isreal Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has shown full commitment to no ceasefire for now, until all threats to the lives of the Israelis and the Jews are neutralized.

The Isreal Defense Forces (IDF) has also reported over 2968 rockets fired into Isreal by Hamas terror group, 439 of those rockets however misfired and crashed into Gaza, causing around 20 Palestinian Casualties.

The Isreal Defense Forces (IDF) has also recorded significant progress in its effort to thwart the military presence of Hamas in Gaza. According to their reports released on Twitter, over 820 terror targets have been struck, and over 130 Hamas militants have been neutralized, with only a few casualties on the side of Isreal.

Isreal continues to be in battle with its neighboring countries, as many of its Arab neighbors have refused to accept its existence, since Isreal’ s creation in 1948. This event has lead to countless wars, including the famous Six days Israeli- Arabs war, which saw Isreal victorious.

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Isreal has also unveiled a Disturbing picture of its Anti rocket jet bomber that can level Palestine within 48 hours. According to a Twitter user, he said Palestine is currently begging for a ceasefire, but Isreal said no. Isreal has also been recognized as a country with powerful military strength, and no country would want to face this Jewish nation head- on.

Here is a screenshot of his tweet on Twitter Below:

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